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Your Body Needs Fuel to Perform and Recover

Equipment is replaceable, but your body is forever. Making a conscious decision about your energy intake and hydration is crucial to both immediate performance and future longevity.

Without proper fueling, any athlete can easily put on unwanted weight and suffer from nausea, cramps, and injury. Enduraid makes sure your body has what it needs to keep going, recover quickly, and stay in shape.

Refueling done right

Hydration is all about effectiveness and efficiency. Quick absorption of the vital elements your body needs is the key to successful refueling. While there are endless theories on sports nutrition, our scientifically-backed approach is enhanced by powerful AI technology to personalize your fuel plan.

Calculations based on your profile

The Enduraid app creates a custom plan of what to eat and drink, along with the optimal time to do so, during training or a race. These calculations are based on your personal profile, performance goals, fuel preferences, and other variables such as climate and terrain.

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Who we are

While the science and technology behind Enduraid is cutting edge, our mission is simple: to provide people with the fueling plan they need to train and compete in triathlons, marathons, and other demanding endurance sports. Our intuitive app makes all this possible by helping athletes safely and effectively achieve their best results ever.

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